We are here
to give a
voice back
to nature.

Regenerating soil, water, & air through community.

A worldwide vision, starting with Earthprint, in Hawaii.
A revolutionary mapping initiative that will reveal what the land and watersheds looked like before humans made their imprint. Knowing what once was, gives us the information we need to regenerate the ecosystem inspired by its original state.

The cross section between indigenous wisdom and the most biologically diverse region on the planet, makes Hawaii the ideal dawn for regenerative transformation. Our goal is to collaborate, in community, to elevate this sacred island as a world leader in climate consciousness by creating the blueprint to revitalize the planet.

Soil is the foundation of life and that is where our story begins.

Our global community of active farmers, ranchers and citizens rallying around the regenerative agriculture movement to restore the nobility of the farmer and the sanctity of the land.

The combination of community, regenerative agriculture, and groundbreaking mapping discoveries will be the foundation of our regenerative systems here on the island.

Why this work matters.

Soil condition is the most important element impacting our health, the health of future generations, and the health of this planet we call home. We created this era that has led to the destruction of our soils, water systems, oceans, and human health. By the same reality, we can transform this planet to the most verdant and regenerative ecosystem that has been in many millennia.

How our work shows up in the world.





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